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kaylee999 said:
did you get my request??

We did, thanks for requesting! :) 

amazinglyalyssaa said:
alright, i sent in my request again. just checking to see if you got it. :)

We got it :) 

lexiismenotyou said:
I'm sorry to ask but I was wondering if you guys have gotten my request or if there was anything wrong with it? Again I'm sorry for asking

Hey!  Yes we received your request and it was submitted perfectly :)

Request for maymay9413
iPhone 5/5s/5c Wallpaper

Request for maymay9413

iPhone 5/5s/5c Wallpaper

Request for proudredneck18

Request for proudredneck18

Desktop Wallpaper for vanessamarie0315

Desktop Wallpaper for vanessamarie0315

Request for bblameitonmyroots

Request for bblameitonmyroots

Request for emtlowe

Request for 


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Okay Bootscooters - are you ready for this? In honour of reaching our 5500 followers milestone (I’m a little late as this was planned for our 5000th, but that’s just how awesome y’all are!) We’re hosting our first ever giveaway! Two lucky Bootscooters will win a custom decal, designed & made…

sammiemarieviers said:
Hi, did tall get my request?(: really anxious to see how it turns out! I understand tall are busy so I really do appreciate it! Thanks so much!!(:

Yes, we sure did! There are still quite a few requests ahead of yours but we`re doing our best to get them all done as quickly as we can manage :) 

emtlowe said:
Hey! I was just wondering if you got my request? I absolutely love your work! :)

Awh well thank you! Yes, we have your request :) 

asengledow said:
I just wanted to check and see if you received my submissions. Please let me know if I need to do something different. Thanks a bunch Amanda

We got them sweetheart! :)  

Request for RedneckBarbie2015

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